Fred Savage, actor de Los años maravillosos

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Fred Savage, 45, and the former star of “The Wonder Years” was fired in the late ’80s Recently while recording a rerun of the series where he served as director and executive producer, alleging inappropriate behaviour.

According to Variety, some employees have begun to complain about Savage’s behavior during filming. Although the exact reasons for his dismissal are not mentioned at the moment, they have confirmed it A Disney spokesperson has already confirmed the accusations and walked away from the production.

We were recently informed of allegations of inappropriate behavior by Fred Savage, and as with politics, an investigation has been launched.. Upon completion, the decision was made to quit his job as executive producer and director of “The Wonder Years,” he told Variety.

Brutal and inappropriate behavior

This is amazing This isn’t the first time Savage has received this kind of accusation for his behaviour. In 1993, Monique Long, the costume designer for the series The Wonder Years, sued him for sexual harassment, and the worker noted that the actor made frequent suggestions to get out: “Oh, Monique, I love you so much. Please have an affair.”

Alley Mills, who shared the screen with him, stated in 2018 that the cancellation of the original series was a result of that lawsuit. Mills called the lawsuit “ridiculous” and defended Fred Savage, saying he was a harmless human being.

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