The famous R’n’B and hip-hop group of the 1990s created a surprise. On the 25th anniversary of their album “The Score”, Fukis reforms and launches an international mini-tour through France.

Fifteen years after the separation of Lorraine Hill, Wycliffe Jean and Brass Michael is an event tour that brings them together on twelve dates. The group will be in Paris on December 4, at the Defense Arena, during this year’s concert. Released in 1996, “Score” has sold over 22 million copies worldwide, making it the best-selling album of all time for the band. With solo songs such as “Killing Me Softly”, “Ready or Not” and “Fu-Ji-La”, he undoubtedly marked the history of hip-hop.

Founded in 1993 the life of the band has not been a long quiet river so these concerts are very incredible. The trio split on several occasions, before drawing a line in 2007 about their collaboration. Lauren Hill’s attitude was pointed out by Wycliffe Jean at the time.

Reconciliation Tour

But 25 years of “score” was able to overcome the differences. Wycliffe Jean teased the event on Monday, September 20 in an intriguing message on his Twitter account: “Winter is coming! Many of you say you want to get the old key back. Attention, you can fulfill your wishes, ”the rapper wrote the next day before posting a clip announcing Fujis’ reform on the 18th.

In a press release posted on the Live Nation site, Wycliffe Jean returned with the reasons for the reform: “As I celebrate my 25th birthday with Fuji, we swear by my first memory from the beginning. Don’t just make music, we will be a movement. We will give a voice to those who do not listen, and in these difficult times, I am thankful again that God has brought us together, ”the artist explained.

For her part, Lauren Hill spoke about the famous group’s “complicated but striking” history, explaining that she had adopted this important project “to set an example for reconciliation”. “This important project is to create a platform to calm down fans who have completed its anniversary and appreciate music, perform the music we love and be an example of harmony in the world.”

Live Nation goes on sale tomorrow, Friday, September 24th.

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