A huge fire broke out in Rouen Cathedral, and the flames devoured its tower.

a A fire broke out today in the tower of Rouen Cathedral in Normandy, northern France.After an intervention that lasted about an hour, the fire that engulfed the tower's construction site was contained. This was announced by the Bfmtv website, citing firefighters. Thus, the fire that broke out at a height of 120 meters has been stopped, but the firefighters must make the building safe: in total, 103 firefighters are still on site to monitor the development of the situation.

Meanwhile, the Seine-Maritime prefect, Jean-Benoît Albertini, announced the carrying out of an “inventory of some works” and furniture inside the cathedral. “We are dealing with a heritage of great value,” he stressed. “Therefore, an inventory is currently being made of the works that could be affected by the secondary runoff. We may have to protect some of them.” For this purpose, firefighters from the Oise department “specializing in movable property” have been mobilized.

The causes of the fire are not yet known, but Renovation work was underway on the cathedral tower.as Bfmtv explains.

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