With Fast Pair, Google has made it easy to connect Bluetooth accessories with one press of a button on an Android device, just like pairing AirPods on iPhone. On I / O 2021, Google announced an update for fast pairing through Android 12 with support for new devices, including cars.

Fast Pair wins new partners

Google claims that Fast Pair has been used more than 36 million times to connect Android phones with Bluetooth accessories from Sony, Microsoft, JBL, Google and other brands. It was first introduced in 2017 and has just received a visual overhaul, while also expanding to support wearables, such as Fitbit smartwatches.

Google Quick Pair

In the future, Fast Pair will arrive for Beats headphones. It comes as the Apple-owned brand continues to roll out new products, including a pair of truly Beats Studio wireless in-ear headphones. This information indicates a large Android user base to ensure support for fast pairing. Most of its headphones use the Lightning connector for power, but surprisingly Beats sells $ 59 Beats Flex with USB-C.

Today Google also revealed that Fast Pair is coming to cars from BMW and Ford. Since today’s cars have completely different infotainment systems, quickly connecting your phone for music and hands-free calling can often be overwhelming. The “fast pairing” solves the problem.

As with headphones, a popup will slide down from the bottom of your phone if Bluetooth is already enabled in the car. It will contain the brand logo and a blue ‘Connect’ button. This simplified setup process works with Wireless Transmission via Bluetooth and Android Auto. Good idea should be Apple inspired for CarPlay.

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