Halo Infinite: a helmet with cat ears that divides society |  Xbox One

The multiplayer game Halo Infinite has been available since November 15, and it has had its ups and downs since its launch. If the gameplay has been successful for most players, the progression as well as various issues with matchmaking or cheating have at the same time leaked a lot of ink.

Today, cosmetics are again determined by a part of society.

Spartan cat

Cat ears recently available in the game store are causing a stir. Several players are already attesting to their dissatisfaction on the web about this helmet, which is available in the “Lovers of cats” bundle.

On the Halo Waypoint forum, but also on Reddit and Twitter, dozens of messages are posted on this topic and we can read this one in particular:

The shield should remain the subject of the shield, not the subject of daisies and cat ears. It seems like a terrible ploy to lure players into Fortnite and not attract their true fans. Please, 343… Focus on the shield that actually matches Halo or at least the shield theme

The samurai thing was weird and didn’t fit the Halo-kun, but it didn’t look too weird to fit in…but now we have cat ears? Does 343 want to destroy the Halo world with this nonsense to make money? In a year we’ll start seeing spartans in clown costumes

Yes, this game is designed to meet the needs of the kids of the Fortnite generation, not the longtime Halo players. This is why it’s free to play, why it has an exorbitantly priced shop for kiddy stuff, extremely limited cards, and servers that barely work… :cough :… BTB

Futuristic cosmetics, the “serious” side of the title plus the fact that 343 offers these things before settling concerns that society considers important, are at the heart of the negative comments. Other players don’t see what the problem is, remembering that these are just cosmetics that don’t affect the gameplay or the player’s abilities in any way.

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How to prepare cat ears?

If you want to mock other players and want to outfit this helmet yourself, here’s how to get it:

  1. Go to play store
  2. Find and buy “Cat Lover” package
  3. Equip yourself with Purring Audio


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