Heat wave warning: The Red Cross is at the center of great controversy over the use of the image of the veiled woman!

The hot air that has been prevailing in France since the beginning of the week has been hotly talked about on social media. Météo-France really wanted to warn people about the extreme temperatures it could reach. In particular, this Thursday, June 16, 2022 will reach a peak of 38 to 40 degrees. The night will be hot with a temperature of 20 degrees. This heat wave warning is enough to motivate you to take your precautionary measures. The Red Cross wanted to raise this warning through a poster posted on Twitter. A support that is not really there for the taste of internet users.

Passing photo

Numerous Internet users rebelled against the news published by this Red Cross poster. It actually showed the image of a woman wearing a veil, which, in the opinion of some, was a symbol of communism. The most staunch donors of this international organization announced that they would no longer pay a penny. The fault of this photo which caused great controversy on social websites.

Red Cross officials This is because they have not yet expressed themselves in relation to the many criticisms that have arisen from everywhere. However, it should not be long before they come out of their silence to clarify things about this heat wave warning and thus pacify public opinion.

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