Heroes: Elodie, wife of Ryo Mafuba, a former beauty queen!

This Monday, June 7, 2021, TFX launches its release A new program dedicated to football players and its title Champions. wife Rio MafubaElodie agreed to join the cast to open the doors of her family life, with whom she welcomed a son named Thiago (10 years old) and a little girl Alia (4 years old). The couple also lives with 15-year-old Uma, the oldest former LOSC and France team player from a previous relationship. Elodie and Rio Mafuba met in 2006 in Bordeaux and have not left each other since. They made their love a reality with a wedding in 2017 in Gironde.

With Rio, Elodie Mafuba decided to become the “wife of a football player”, with the ensuing consequences. “We must forge a shell because we are always evolving under it. People can jump in Rio without me and the kids aroundور‘, captured in an interview with screen star.

However, there was a time, when it was Elodie Mafuba who aroused so much interest at her every public outing. And for good reason, the beautiful blonde was once a beauty queen. Actually, She was elected Miss Aquitaine in 2002 and then the fourth runner-up to Miss France 2003, Corinne Coman. After that, Élodie Pleumeckers (her real name) led a modeling career. But as for her husband, the beautiful 36-year-old blonde left everything behind, and found out “A special environment in which there is no good work only“Environment also causes him to have some complexes.”When I was Miss, I was asking so badly. Then I turned to the other side with Ryo. (…) And when I see these girls arrive and the age that defines me begins, I can’t help but doubt myself. All the compliments in the world are not necessarily enough to reassure me‘, she admitted to our colleagues.

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cHampiones: Families of footballers Every day on TFX at 4pm.


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