How Instagram wants to reinvent itself in 2022

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Instagram head Adam Mosseri Post a video on Twitter that he shares himself He wants to reinvent the social media platform next year.

“We think about who we are, what we value, and what kind of change we want to make in the world,” Mosseri says.

Considered more transparent and focus on messages

Among other things, Instagram wants to become more transparent in general and to create better ways so that creators can make money using Instagram. Since messaging, according to Mosseri, is the primary form of communication, this feature should also focus more on the gateway.

According to him, it is generally important for users to understand how Instagram works if they want to use the portal in the best possible way.

Mosseri did not mention scandals

About the scandals with the social media platform and the parent company dead (formerly Facebook) Faced it this year – Mosseri doesn’t get into it directly. Among other things, internal documents caused sharp criticism in 2021. It stated that the app had a negative impact on the mental health of teens and girls in the first place.

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