Human head, green eyes, 14 meters long.  What they found on the beach - Libero Quotidiano

A creature that is 14 meters long and has a “human” headGreen eyes and flat nose: this is the frightening discovery made by two young Englishmen on the beach Porthleving in Cornwall. According to reports, the remains of this object could have come to the surface after a violent storm on September 14, 1786 Cornwall Live. old weekly Hereford Magazine Catalog of the startling discovery in October of the same year. A local man revealed that the villagers instantly killed the huge creature by hitting it.

“This monster was first discovered by two boys who were searching for a wreck. As they were standing on a cliff in front of a small sandy bay, they saw something huge near the shore and they thought it was ship side That last night was torn to shreds – reads old article -. The two remained speechless after they approached and after they saw movements that suggested that the thing was still alive.”

When the boys spread the word, a large number of people gathered around the creature and killed it with sticks and axes. Then we read in the article: “Everyone was upset: they could not see the legs, but He seemed to crawl on the stomach, Sometimes the body is lifted from the sand. Opinions differed about this creature. Some said it was a mermaid, others said it was a whale. But the majority, as they did not believe in the existence of the first and considered the second improbable, were perplexed. And finally: “It was his head Big and spiky in the back The likeness of a man. His eyes were green. Big mouth, flat nose. His back was as hard as a tortoiseshell. It had two short front legs.”

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