Air France, a flight brawl between two pilots.  The company stops them and opens an investigation -
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The flight attendants had to intervene to settle the dispute. The French air investigation agency accuses: “Failure to adhere to security measures”

Air France pilots They were stopped after beating each other last June on a flight from Geneva to Paris. One of them would refuse to “follow orders” and soon after take off, According to the reconstruction The Swiss newspaper, La Tribune
The pilot and his co-pilot will face the blows: during QuarrelThey will fly too slaps And the handbags.

The Noise Coming from the cabin alerted flight attendants who intervened to suppress fighting. For the rest of the flight, a crew member sat behind the pilots Prevent the situation from heating up again. Although, as a French company official reported, the flight continued and landed safely and the dispute did not affect the rest of the route, The pilots have been suspended from work and are under investigation.

On-board safety: Air France under charge

The news emerged after the publication, last Wednesday, of the report of the French air investigation agency BEA,
Accordingly This wouldn’t be the first time that Air France staff had failed to comply with security measures
. Document resume condition
2020when two Air France pilots flew from Brazzaville (Republic of the Congo) to Paris with one fuel leak They redirected the aircraft without cutting off the power supply to the engine or without landing as quickly as possible, as should be done in accordance with practice.

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It was also mentioned in the document Three more similar cases between 2017 and 2022 The Civil Aviation Bureau noted that some pilots often acted Based on your own analysis of the situation rather than security protocols. Air France said it was carrying out a plane Audit In this regard and who is always committed Follow BEA’s recommendations. The airline also indicated that it is implementing Thousands of trips per day The report mentioned only four of these security incidents.

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