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The whole country is mobilized to find the little girl cleo smith, The 4-year-old girl who disappeared at 1.30am on Saturday 16th October while she was in the tent in a house camping With his family. GovernmentAustralia Western view Million dollar reward For anyone providing useful information to discover it. The police, in fact, are convinced that the girl has been kidnapped.

“I hope someone will come forward. If the reward will motivate us to help bring Cleo home, we are more than happy to offer it,” the police minister said. Paul Babalia. “We are all praying for a positive outcome. We want to ensure that the police have everything they need to resolve this issue and that is why my government does not hesitate to support them with this reward offer,” the prime minister said. Mark McGowan.

vacation in Blowholes Dome Camping, on Coral Coast, Australia, became a nightmare at 6am on October 16 EliAnd Illiterate Cleo, awakened by her younger sister, realizes that the baby is gone. She disappeared with his red sleeping bag. After searching for her, the woman and her partner called the police. The police immediately intervened and special helicopters were added to track the girl. But at the moment, there are no traces of it. Searches continue hoping to find them again as soon as possible.


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