Secret song: Annoyance among netizens after Zaz's surprise

Friday, June 24, TF1 broadcast a new episode of its show secret songSpecifically with the singer Zaz, who had the right at the moment of her impact on the site. Except for the one that surprised netizens, very few people came to sing for her.

5 months later secret song It was back on TF1 for a new release. The last wonderful evening of feelings did not fail to reserve beautiful surprises for the viewers in particular Unexpected reunion. At first the entire (almost) members of Club Dorothรฉe got together to bring tears to the singer’s cheeks, so happy to find them 25 years after the show ended. On the other hand, they were quite complete: the singers of the group L5 reformed the group at that timeAn incredible surprise for a noble, but especially for netizens who couldn’t believe their eyes. Was the new issue going to have such pleasant surprises for viewers?

โ€œWhy would someone bring If you don’t have anyone have it? “

This Friday, in particular, it was Dennitsa Economova, Christophe Bougrane, Eric Antoine, Florent-Pierre, Ryan Pensetti or the couple Laure Manaudou/Jeremy Ferrero who had the honor of taking their place in the chair secret song. A very special surprise for the Ninja Warrior host, who just thought he was coming to surprise someone before finding out that he was trapped by his relatives. His companion, close friends, neighbors and even former Miss France Iris Mittenaere all took to the stage to sing in his honor, a beautiful moment of emotion. Except right after that it’s the singer zazz Whoever sat on the chair … but does not deserve the same degree of surprise: No one close to the artist has made the trip. On stage, the Tryo group, Dominique Besnehard (a simple fan of the singer he hardly knows) as well as young singers and musicians. What about his family and close friends? A situation that caused some discomfort among Internet users: โ€œBiogrand has all her friends and Zaz has a guy she doesn’t know, a squad and kids?“;”Why are you bringing someone? If you don’t have one for her? poor zaz“;”Zazz’s surprise. For her. for us. We could have missed himโ€œCan we read privately on Twitter. This is not the first time that TF1 has been pinned due to a failed surprise during one evening. secret song But the production doesn’t seem to want to learn from its mistakes.

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