“I leave my family, I don’t want to be with them when I suffer”

Johnny Irwin He is a very popular British TV presenter England For being on top of many TV shows. Presenter, who is highly followed socialHe found out he was sick cancer Lungs which unfortunately have reached the fourth stage and are getting weaker every day. Johnny He tells his fight against cancer on your profile Instagram Where he tries to give hope to those who, unfortunately, are in the same situation as him. In a recent interview, he talked about his relationship with family.

Johnny Irwin, TV presenter with cancer. The heartbreaking message: ‘I was an athlete, I can no longer play football with my son’

Tumor, terminally ill conductor Johnny Irwin: ‘This is my last Christmas in the family, I won’t tell my kids’

Johnny Irwin He tries to make the most of all the moments that life offers him: with his friends, with his children, and with him family. However, unfortunately, he is not in a simple situation, and every day, he finds himself struggling with the pain that overwhelms him. In a recent interview with Welcome!The conductor said that sometimes he needs to be away from his loved ones: “I get away on several occasions because I’m not good at even being with myself when I’m struggling. I’m like a bear with a headache and I don’t want a headache family Be near me and see me in a certain state.
Also, some time ago, Johnny Irwin Explained in the podcast One chatHow the illness affected his mood: “I really do have a quick-tempered personality of my own and definitely me cancer It didn’t improve.”

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Johnny Irwin fired from Channel 4 after being diagnosed with cancer: ‘My heart was broken’

Johnny Irwin and Relationship with Family

Johnny Irwin married to Jessica Holmes And he has three children: rex and twins Raphael And Cormac. the childrenJust by his will, they don’t know anything about him illness And the host always repeats to himself that he wants to enjoy every moment and be happy and carefree.

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