If you feel bloated after eating pizza, it may be to blame: Check that you haven’t
Why does your stomach bloat after eating pizza – ifood (Canva image)

After eating pizza, do you find yourself suffering from a bloated belly and stomach? Find out the possible reason and from today you will not face this problem anymore.

It happens to many. a Nice and delicious pizzaan evening out with friends, but then you get up from the table with your stomach bloated and tense like a water bottle and you wonder why.

It’s more common than you think, and there can be a variety of causes. Find out if one of your habits is wrong, and by making small changes you will no longer feel this discomfort.

Except of course Any food intolerance, Which should be evaluated with your doctor. We want to examine some of the wrong behaviors that may lead to you feeling bloated after eating delicious pizza.

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Pizza: If you feel bloated, pay attention to these behaviors

Reasons Flatulence Feeling after eating pizza can be multiple. Many give Blame the yeast They claim that this is still fermenting inside our stomachs. In fact this is not the case at all. Yeast not resistant to heat, Then to cooking. It dies at temperatures above 50 degrees, so it is inactive and cannot cause any harm if ingested.

But one of the reasons for your swelling may depend on the preparation of the pizza, which takes place in two stages. Fermentation and maturation. The first allows the dough to increase in volume thanks to yeast fermentation, and the second is the breakdown of starches and gluten through certain enzymes. The problem is that fermentation occurs quickly, and maturation takes a longer time, and for this reason the best and most digestible dough is the one that contains Very little yeast and many hours of rest. But these give reasons beyond your control. What can you do instead to avoid “yeast”?

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Pizza is bad behavior
Misbehaviors when eating pizza – ifood (Canva image)

Incorrect behaviours

Let’s say most of us eat pizza once a week at most, and look forward to that day. a result? Eat quickly You might choose A Dressing is great too. Taking into account that pizza High caloriesIt can easily reach more than 1,000 calories. It is clear that this excess, which the body is not accustomed to, negatively affects the digestion process. If you then add a rich condiment, a soft drink and perhaps even some “sweets” like potato chips and fried foods while you wait, your belly is bound to swell.

So, next time you go to enjoy a delicious pizza, choose one that has a very long fermentation, is well cooked, not too spicy and Just eat it But slowly, in small bites. It may be accompanied by water, even if the combination of pizza and beer or pizza drink is almost indispensable. But your stomach will thank you.


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