In Europe: Frost advances south and west!  There are -31 degree peaks;  Italy is waiting…

Winter works silently thereFar from our lands. Northern Europe has been enveloped for days Freezing temperatures It is not very suitable for November.

While the Mediterranean and much of central and southern Europe enjoy spring-like temperatures compared to late autumn, Cold (or rather frost) It expands the lands it conquered towards the south and towards the west.

The border line is still far from Italy, but it should be within the next few days Getting closer and closer This weekend he will try it Crossing our borders. Obviously don’t expect to wear a polo shirt on your head Must bring the cold season Onward, after the mild humiliation of the usual gaseous anticyclone that has been dominating the scene for about ten days.

The map we are showing you is related to Minimum temperatures Recorded last night in Europe and beyond We recommend enlarging the image for better visual feedback:

As mentioned above, the cold Compared to last week it shows More spacious It is no longer limited to the northern part of the continent. He watches Scandinavia is literally in the fridge With tips -31° over SwedenBut the values ​​are many Below -20 degrees They are present in many areas Finland And The interior of Norway.

Again compared to last week, The cold also spread eastward Where bearish peaks emerge -12°/-13°. now The ice mass is preparing to push south and west as well And it must arrive At the gates of Italy this weekend.

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Obviously we will be monitoring the situation in the meantime Keep following us…

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