In Greece, 1,200 children evacuated from summer camps due to wildfire near Corinth: relief efforts

In Greece, a huge fire breaks out at the gates of Corinth. The resort was engulfed in flames Loutraki, about 4 km northeast of Corinth. The mayor of the city, in fact, orderedEvacuation of 1,200 children who were on holiday in some camps summer organization in the region. But the fire is not the only one that the state deals with in these hours and hours very high temperaturestogether with hot windcomplication rescue operations from the firefighters.

Bonfires in Loutraki

the Great fire in Greece It erupted on July 17 about 4 km northeast Corinthians. More precisely, the fire broke out in LoutrakiOne seaside With different accommodation facilities.

Among these there are also some summer camp Where many children were vacationing by the sea.

Forest fire near Athens: One of the many forest fires Greece is dealing with

However, the critical nature of the fire forced Mayor of Loutraki To orderEvacuation of 1,200 children One of the camps where they spent those summer days.

In the evening the fire broke out near Corinthians It has spread getting closer and closer highway who connects Athens with Patras.

Other fires are underway in Greece

Loutraki fire It’s not the only share Greece Calculated in these particularly hot hours.

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In fact, across the country, There are other fires That puts pressure not only on the population, but also on the authorities and relief efforts.

Among them, one of the most impressive is the one that takes place in a locality Covaras Which is located about 50 kilometers east Athens. Because of this fire, among other things, the police arrested a man – on suspicion of arson – but then released him.

In fact, the cause of the fires can be traced back to high temperature receipt. In fact, other fires have been reported by a fire brigade spokesperson Yannis Artobius Even in localities dervinokuri And Caparelli.

Relief efforts were slowed by hot winds

During the day the fires are about Greece They were going to multiply according to me Firefighter which greatly hinders its intervention Strong wind Which in the country reach speeds of 50-60 kilometers per hour.

in the past four days Greece passed by aheat wave Access record temperatures which only fell over the weekend, but will rise again in the next few days.

For the same reason, last weekend there was a huge fire on the island of La Palma Canary Islands With more than 4,000 displaced people.

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