Logitech: 3 Must-Have Amazon Prime Day Tips

Many players equip themselves by taking advantage of the discounts available on Amazon. In fact, devices intended for gamers have a certain cost. However, it is important not to ignore the quality of some accessories, which will directly affect in-game performance.

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Logitech: 3 Amazon Prime Day Must-Have Tips

Therefore, people who play on the computer know that a good mouse can make a huge difference. At the moment, Amazon offers the form Logitech G502 HERO for only 58.99 €. Equipped with a 25K HERO Gaming sensor, this wired mouse is equipped with programmable buttons and RGB lighting. Its weight can be adjusted for optimum comfort.

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Gaming headphones are very important for gamers. In fact, they are the guarantors of multiplayer communication and responsiveness in FPS. So it has to be reliable and immersive. Logitech Gaming G PRO X Headset Sold by Amazon at €105.99 instead of €129, hence many advantages. Micro BLUE VO! Its CE has excellent acoustic performance. 7.1 surround sound allows you to precisely locate sounds. Comfortable, Gaming G PRO X can be worn for hours on end thanks to the memory foam earbuds.

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Get the most out of your favorite driving simulators without leaving your living room. Racing game fans will especially appreciate the G29 Driving Force steering wheel, designed by Logitech. With a hand-stitched leather cover, it’s designed to provide a true driving feel. Dual motor force response, combined with the ability to turn the steering wheel 900 degrees, provide a realistic view for gamers on PlayStation, PC or Mac. For €286.14 instead of €399, treat yourself to the Logitech G 29 Driving Force and also get a set of adjustable pedals.

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