Indeed, his father Khater will be present!

Earlier today, we told you about the wedding of Nabila and Thomas, which will take place on Tuesday, July 6 at the prestigious Château de Chantilly. Ceremony to be held in the presence of Amazon Prime cameras.

While the number of people is expected to be no less than 150, a very important person from the retinue of the young mother will be lost. This is his brother Tariq. On the other hand, according to our exclusive information, the father of former reality star Khater Benatia will actually be present.

For some time now, the relationship between father and daughter has been much better than before.

When I made a cover Elle Arabia, Milan’s mother had sent a copy to Khater. “My dad got it this morning and he’s so proud of me, that’s all I care about. It’s a big revenge for me, a big revenge. My dad is so proud of me, it’s my best reward,” she explained on Snapchat about the person who once again became a part of her life. In addition, he was able to meet his grandson last February, during his stay in Geneva (Switzerland). “He had such complicated passages when I was younger. We haven’t talked for five years“, I remembered on the social network.”It has improved a lot (…). He said to me: “What have you become smarter, and what you have matured!” I think it would still be my greatest achievement to make my father proud.

So her father will accompany Nabila on one of the happiest days of her life.

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