Instagram: When something goes wrong, stories appear in a loop

In recent days, users of the social network Instagram have had difficulties viewing Stories. An update was released on Wednesday to fix this bug.

What influenced Instagram Stories? Since yesterday, or even Monday, many users of the social network have complained of seeing already viewed stories reappear in an episode, preventing them from having instant access to new content.

An app update was released on Wednesday, June 15 to fix the issue.

On Twitter, testimonials from annoying netizens have been booming in recent days. Everyone reported the same problem: Instagram does not seem to remember their recent activities on the network, more specifically in Stories.

Unpublished content is hard to access

Concretely, if a friend posts a series of five stories, and the user affected by the bug consults only four of them before moving on to other content, the app no ​​longer allows them to view the fifth story live, which is new to them, during their lifetime. in the next time.

Instead, the user is taken back to the beginning of the thread, and forced to skip already viewed content so they can finally access the most recent story.

Last night with the media the edgeMeta spokeswoman Kristen Bay said she was aware of the problem. She said Instagram is “working to get things back to normal ASAP,” and apologized for the inconvenience.

Finally, on Wednesday, June 15, an update to the Instagram mobile app was published on the App Store to fix the issue. The download description doesn’t specifically mention the Stories bug, but people confirmed that they saw it disappear after installing it.

Also, if you are one of those who always find it difficult to watch Instagram Stories, it is advised to check that your app is updated. The latest bug-free version is 239.1.

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