Irma Serrano

Irma Cyrano tigressSends encouragement to Picture of Carmen Salinas Until she recovers and is back soon to be 100% with that hurt that characterizes her.

Three days after it was confirmed that Carmen Salinas was taken to the hospital after suffering from brain attackIrma Serrano, better known as “La Tegresa”, spoke on social networks.

in your account InstagramIrma Serrano, “La Tegresa,” stated that she had the opportunity to work with Carmen Salinas on the film “La Tegresa.”cabaret nights“.

Carmen Salinas, main actress (Mexico Agency)

Irma Serrano ‘La Tegresa’ Wants Carmen Salinas To Recover And Come Back With This Characteristic Abuse

Since last Thursday, November 11th Picture of Carmen Salinas He is hospitalized after suffering from a brain attack who “caused irreparable damage” and may not wake up anymore.

After the seriousness of Carmen Salinas, her family and friends asked people to continue to pray for the health of the actress. Via social networks, many artists have sent their good wishes to the production company, as such Irma Cyranotigress“.

through your account InstagramIrma Serrano “La Tegresa” sent Carmen Salinas encouragement and wished her a speedy recovery.

“I just found out about the exact health status of my dear @carmensalinas_56!!”

Irma Serrano “La Tegresa”

Irma Cyrano

Irma Serrano “La Tegresa” encourages Carmen Salinas to recover (@irmaserrano.oficial / Instagram)

In her letter, Irma Serrano “La Tegresa” wishes Carmen Salinas to be able to recover from this situation and return with the hurt that defines her.

“God bless her I hope she’s 100 soon and with that mischief that characterizes her!! Courage of Carmen!

Irma Serrano “La Tegresa”

Although they weren’t really good friends, Irma Serrano and Carmen Salinas were able to work together on the film”cabaret nightsThis is how “La Tigresa” shared it in its publication.

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Carmen Salinas and Irma Serrano

Carmen Salinas and Irma Serrano “La Tegresa” (@irmaserrano.oficial / Instagram)

This is how Carmen Salinas and Irma Serrano looked like “La Tegresa” in “Noches de cabaret”

The Moviecabaret nights“It is one of the most remembered tapes of the so-called ‘Cinema Fishers.’ This 1978 film featured such great stars as Lin May, Sasha Montenegro, Alfonso Zias, Rafael Inclan, Luis de Alba and Jorge Negrero.

However, one of the scenes one remembers most is the one that sets them apart Irma Cyranotigress‘ And Picture of Carmen Salinas. Both actresses perform the song “La Martina”.

According to one of the comments to the video, the figure appearing in the account was presented by Irma Serrano “La Tegresa” and Carmen Salinas at the Blanquita Theater in CDMX, and the producer liked the routine and asked to be included in the film. “Cabaret Nights”.


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