Is it really necessary to delete your emails to save the planet?

Every weekend, I used to clean up my email boxes, just to go for the weekend.”Peace of mindBut if you do it for the environment, this supposedly beneficial strategy will be just a drop in the ocean.

the Produce and the digital consumption It represents 3.7% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Knowing that more than 280 billion emails are sent daily in the world and sending email has an average carbon footprint of 4 grams, the addition could amount to about 410 million tons of carbon dioxide per year, according to the Greenly mobile app.

In light of this data, Delete emails So it may indicate that the associated energy storage effectively off this carbon footprint.

But this would ignore other parameters such as the power generated once the email is sent.

Instead of deleting thousands of emails of a few tens of kilobytes, you can also delete large files as priority: DivX, PicturesAnd Videos, installation versions of software‘, collective highlights GreenIT on his site.

without counting Activity related expenses By itself: deleting emails also consumes power.

A problem raised by Frederic Bordag, founder of the GreenIT collective: “By deleting your emails, you are using your computer, network, servers… which, in the end, cost less than storing them. The real solution above allsend less !“.

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