French cinema has lost one of its giants. Jean-Paul Belmondo died this Monday, September 6, at the age of 88. Actor He has appeared in more than 80 films Do not Lack of breath Jean-Luc Goddard or Mississippi Fairy Some of the scenes were filmed on Sabbe-n-Chartreuse. But there was “Pebel” Also interested in boxingHe also took part in nine professional fights.

Brahim Asloom is a true enthusiast of the life of boxers

Bourgoin-Jallieu Brahim Asloum’s boxer met him Before the 2000 Olympic coronation in Sydney and Befriended him. The “The Godfather of the French boxing team, so my first meeting with Jean-Paul, we did not leave after that”, He describes. Jean Paul Belmondo is friends with Luis Acarius [ancien boxeur et organisateur de combats, ndlr]Brahim Asloom is like this “Opportunity to have dinner, to spend evenings with him.” He greets a memory “He had a real interest in the lives of boxers and he had an admiration for boxers.”

“I saw Jean-Paul Belmondo as a solid man, a man of opposition, unable to leave us, so we regret it,” he said. Isare agrees with the champion. He remembers “Someone who was in practice in all my fights, followed me and I had the opportunity to discuss with him so he would miss out. He would miss out on boxing.”

A boxing ambassador

To Brahim Aslum, His game owes a lot to the actor Car “It was one of our ambassadors. It was definitely a big loss for French cinema but for boxing.”

It holds an image “Strong man, who did all his adventures, who loved boxing. Someone who was generous, who listened.” And finish: “He is a man who wants to be close to us, gracious”.


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