Israel: a new increase in Covid injuries.  What's going on, data analysis

Rome, August 26, 2021 – There is a new increase in injuries in Israel. It is a fact that puts everyone on alert because it happens in one of the countries in which it is located vaccination campaign It started first and continues in a phenomenal way, with also Give the third dose Already authorized nearly a month ago. What is happening and need to be concerned?

Latest numbers

Yesterday they were registered in Israel 1001 new covid cases In a single day, the highest number since last January. that it alarm For a country where a massive vaccination campaign is active, and where the third dose has been approved since the end of July (already more than 1.7 million administrations), but Without needless worry. vs rate Full vaccination (two doses) 60.3% Of the population equivalent to 5.45 million people (updated August 25 single dose 65.5%), according to data published yesterday evening by the Israeli Ministry of Health, the number of active cases of infection across the country reached 75,403, with 1084 people hospitalized. Of which 688 serious And 139 need respiratory assistance, while 13 deaths have been reported.

third dose

On July 30, Israel began managing The third dose of the vaccine Pfizer/BioNtech For Those Over Sixties. Last week, people over 40 were admitted to the third dose and as of Tuesday of this week over 30s were admitted. A new Israeli study shows that the third dose (over 1.7 million people vaccinated) begins to be effective one week after vaccination, reaching its peak on day 16 when it provides 97% coverage for critical illness and 95% for infections.

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severe cases

trend analysis severe cases From Covid in Israel, values ​​continue to stabilize while, if only we consider vaccinated patients, Severe cases do not decrease. And compared to the latest data issued by the ministry on serious cases, the number of vaccinated patients reached 364 on Sunday, while yesterday it decreased to 324 (out of a total of 688). The infection rate also decreased from 6.69% to 6.57% as the R factor (the ability of a positive factor to infect others) went from 1.15 to 1.13. At present, the rate of new severe cases among unvaccinated patients above 70 is Seven times higher than the two pollinators, And the gap continues to grow. Among those over 50 years of age, the gap between vaccinated and unvaccinated has quadrupled.

school resume

The government’s policy of “living with Covid” without shutting down the economy will be put to the test in September as schools reopen and the period of major holidays in the Jewish calendar begins. The current development of the epidemic in Israel takes place in no lock Also with most of the schools of the Orthodox denominations that have already reopened since August 9, the latest Covid bulletin with high infections is worrisome above all given the reopening of schools in general, scheduled for September 1, particularly in those communities that have been less vaccinated such as the Orthodox community Which – according to the Times of Israel report – in places where school had already resumed, in the next two weeks, there was a spike in infections.


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