NASA has revealed the existence of the first planet outside the Milky Way

For years, different countries have allocated millionaire money to study the universe and their galaxies. The whole world is curious to know what lies behind the ozone layer that covers planet earth. It is the famous National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASAOne of the international agencies that has made the most progress in this regard. A few hours ago, they revealed the possible The existence of the first star discovered outside the Milky Way.

The discovery became a major event. So far, of the nearly 5,000 exoplanets that have been found, none have ever been discovered outside the solar system And the orbit where the Earth is located. The astronomer comes from the Messier 51 galaxy and is located about 28 million light-years from the spiral in which our planet is located.

it was thanks a telescope The last generation that managed to find the star that surprised everyone in the scientific community. In this way, the team X ray Chandra confirmed the existence of this new planet thanks to the process of blocking the light and reducing the brightness that only the device can achieve at great distances.

How was the new planet discovered?

It was a scientist from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics who released all the details. Roseanne Di Stefano Explain to the media how the amazing operation was carried out. Although he explained that the first conclusions specify that we are in the presence of new planetAll evidence collected so far is still being analyzed. In addition, the woman stated that, according to the first calculations, it would be approximately the same size as Saturn.

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According to the first investigations, the new planet will be the size of Saturn. Photo: Adobe Stockby: JOINIC –

“It is a unique method, tailored to Finding planets around X-ray binaries at any distance from which we can measure the light curve”, the astrophysicist noted when consulting the media. Is that many journalists were curious to know how they managed to find first planet that are found outside the Milky Way.

It also revealed that the technology that was implemented is not new and that it is the same that was used in the search for another outer planets. Even a modern telescope is able to detect a “temporary eclipse” thanks to the intermittent blockage of light that occurs every time a planet, in its orbit, manages to pass in front of X-ray emitting equipment.


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