Israel, Crowds at a gathering of ultra-Orthodox Jews on Mount Meron: at least 45 dead, 150 wounded.  Netanyahu:

crowd thick, Crowd Pilgrims Religious Approaching the tomb of the sage Shimon Bar Yuhai The second century that revealed the secrets of Kabbalah was the heart of Jewish mysticism. Then, at around one in the morning, it slipped a bit overcrowding, Maybe due to a runway collapse, others are overwhelmed or flee. The Jewish gathering in Laj Ba Omar (Recalling the Jewish revolt of 132 AD against the Roman legions), the first major event authorized by the emergency Corona Virus Attended this year by more than one hundred thousand people, it ended up in Tragedy. At least me 45 people died – Among them, too children -, and more than 150 wounded in Monte Meron, at Galilee. They all belonged to the ultra-Orthodox and anti-Zionist sect Toldos Aharon HassidicAnd the Who lives in the middle Jerusalem.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu He spoke of a “terrible catastrophe,” “one of the most violent to hit him IsraelMost of them are dead He added, it has not been determined yet – adding – the spread of rumors on social media should be avoided because this tears the hearts of families, ”declaring a national day of mourning on Sunday. “There was a quick one Rescue operation by police, The dependent Rescue and security forces We are grateful that they prevented a Disaster Much larger. We will run A serious and thorough investigation To ensure that such a disaster does not happen again. “

An investigation was opened into possible police negligence – The reasons are still For clarificationBut it may have originated in the collapse of Uhud amphitheater Or very crowded stands, although some witnesses blamed police From exit blocking. The rabbi is convinced of the last hypothesis Philville PrevdaWitness from the crowd who accused the police of obstructing some Barriers The Exits, Which was usually used in past years. “Where were we supposed to get out?” He said, “The authorities that were there didn’t care less than that.” The cleric said he believed Administrator the government To the victims “who were killed here for no reason, just to show that they are in control of this place, that they do not control it. Jewish OrthodoxyThe Department of Internal Investigations with the Police of the Israeli Ministry of Justice has already opened an investigation into possible negligence by the Israeli Police police And the Attorney General Avishai Mandelblit He explained that he had sent investigators to the scene of the tragedy to collect evidence. “It was decided to examine the evidence immediately to see if there was any suspicion that the police had committed criminal acts in a tragedy Meron“.

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Police Chief: I take full responsibility – Meanwhile, the commander of the northern region of the forces of order maintenance Shimon Life, Who oversaw the safety arrangements for the religious event, said he bears responsibility for the disaster. “I have General liability“Through thick and thin, I am ready to undergo any investigation,” said Amnesty International Journalists. He adds that there is an “ongoing effort to gather evidence to find the truth.” Muti Pakshin Rescue services spokesman Zacchaeus, Which is equivalent to our civil protection, you spoke of a “national disaster.” “It’s an unbearable accident,” he told the site. YnetAdding that “44 people wanted feeling happy They came back in body bags. to 44 families The world collapsed. Now we cannot go back to business as usual. ”Victims are being identified and believers are being evacuated immediately, while media reports are reporting that a search for missing persons is underway. At least six people have been hospitalized in critical condition. There are also two types of admission. children.

Condolences from the United States in Brussels The president of the European Parliament also spoke about what happened David Sassoli Who wrote in a tweet: “The tragedy leaves panic with dozens of dead and hundreds of wounded among the pilgrims on the mountain. Meron, In a community proudly reborn after that Coronavirus disease. My condolences to the people and Israel“. give her States united Instead it intervenes Jake SullivanNational Security Adviser to the President of the United States Joe BidenWhich crossed the United States’ proximity to Jerusalem. “Our hearts are with the people of Israel after a terrible tragedy Monte Meron. We express our condolences to the families and friends who lost loved ones in this disaster and we wish a full and speedy recovery for the wounded, “Sullivan wrote.

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Pilgrimage – Like every year on the occasion of the Jewish holiday Laj Ba Omar (Which recalls the Jewish revolt of 132 AD against the Roman legions) More than 100,000 committed Jews went to the mountain yesterday. Meron To pray at the tomb Shimon Bir Yochai, the famous rabbi of the second century AD, according to tradition, he is the author of the mystical text for ‘Zohar(greatness). For years this event has been its busiest IsraelAnd it sometimes attracts as many as half a million people. Last year, due Corona Virus, It has been canceled. This year, with an improvement continent Healthy, But with many Determinants Which, however, was not resisted Pressure From the massive crowd. This is the The largest religious gathering Yearly in IsraelWhere pilgrims dance and sing around bonfires all night long. There is also a tradition in the ultra-Orthodox community of bringing three-year-olds to their first haircut to the grave of Rabbi Simon. Unfortunately, this is not the first time that tragedy has occurred during celebrations Void age on the mountain Meron. The May 15, 1911 The banister of the building where the rabbi’s tomb is located ShimonWho remembered his death on this occasion. Until then there were tens of thousands of pilgrims and a hundred of them fell from a height of more than seven meters. it was there 11 dead, 40 injuredThe Israeli media remembers.

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