It is located in Germany and is the largest in Europe

The constant search for lower-impact housing solutions is leading the construction world to make great strides forward, even reaching the point of building a 3D house. Indeed, if until recently this solution was spoken of only in an approximate manner, now the first project was created that involves the use of only printing.

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there sustainability It is no longer just a word for some however real need which includes everyone. Precisely for this reason, in fact, the identification It is very wide and Combines different regionsnot least of which is the construction sector which, thanks to the new directives, must adapt to new lifestyles.

So they are more and more Companies looking for alternative solutions And effective for building homes with minimal impact. Example of use 3D printinga very special methodology, and yet efficiency in various fields.

If however until recently building structures with this The method was only partialNow the turning point has come. In fact, the first house in Germany was completed Who only uses this methodology in its construction. The house in question is located in bcom And it was Made by Berry In cooperation with Danish partner COBOD and an engineering and architecture studio Canteens Court.

3D House: The Become Project

3D house: the first complete project was created in Germany
Image by Perry

there 3D Druckhaus, as it was renamed, was eventually completed. For its structure, the studio used a Innovative compressed concrete Which made it possible to give life to anyone Detached house one of a kind. Article really special for her Drying speed and adjustmentFor this reason, 3D printing was the most appropriate solution.

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However, it is not missing Warranty on the thermal insulation system Obtained thanks to the entry, within the walls, from Expanded volcanic rock perlite. to isolate Surface Instead, I chose a board in Recycled foam glass.

All this allows the structure to be a reference point for the whole family. optimization Actually we just don’t find it in articles used in construction, but also in division of spaces. Therefore, Berry has gone beyond the previous perception to which we are currently accustomed, or rather the one that is on one floor. 3D Druckhaus In fact, it is divided into several floorsallowing everyone to enjoy their privacy.

It is precisely this feature that deserves the record for construction The largest three-dimensional house in Europe with him 160 square meters of space habitable, except for the garden attached to the structure.

Perception times

3D house: the first complete project was created in Germany
Photography of the Nile – Pixabay

Due to the complexity of construction and the difficulty of using materials, we can I think this project is very time consuming. In fact, innovation also consists of tight deadlines. Compared to a classic house, in fact, home It only takes eight months.

This makes it so more sustainable And suitable to be the home of the future. Actually, we just need to think about it Classic CO2 emissions will not be necessary. Let’s think, for example, how much is consumed by machines that run for a long time during the construction of a classic building.

It is precisely thanks to all this power that Berry chooses to do just that Expand your project Focus on building a condominium in Arizona.

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