You are the primary income earner.

Georgia Meloni and the banner in the middle Half past eight. On the Tuesday, June 6th episode of La7, Lilly Grouper pass the word to Aldo Cazzolo. It is he who spares no criticism: “The government in Pnrr is failing. But the average Italian probably does not even know about the existence of the Court of Accounts.” In short, according to the journalist, the electorate is not interested in whether the Court of Auditors controls European money or not. “In any case – he continues – it will not be on this that the government will be judged, but on the economy. I fear worse results.”

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However, it is unfortunate that the journalist seems to forget the latest estimates of GDP. He thinks of reminding them Prunella Pololi: “Q1 GDP was revised +0.6 percent, however it did not decrease.” According to Istat’s quarterly economic accounts for the first quarter of the year, the economy is running faster than France and Germany.

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Then, throw a clear blade at Chiara Appendino, who is also a guest on La7: “You talk about the economy and you are the same one who wanted a basic income.” Exit, the deputy of the 5-star movement could not respond. Just think of how many jobs they actually found once they got grillino support.


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