Jean-Michel Blanker is angry at the entry of the nickname

Deputy Minister of National Education LaREM François Jolivet responded to the press release. The abbreviation for “he” and “she”, the noun “used to denote any gender”, defines the dictionary.

“Inclusive writing is not the future of the French language,” Jean-Michel Blanker said on Twitter on Tuesday. The Minister of National Education responded to the entry of a personal pronoun containing the content of the “iel” Le Petit Robert, “He” and “she” abbreviate “any gender can be used to provoke a person” defines the dictionary.

“Even though our students are in the process of integrating their basic knowledge, they can’t have this one in particular,” explains Jean-Michel Blanker.

Jolievet fears the advent of the “awakened” ideology

The Minister joined in a press release issued by La République en Marche (LaREM), a deputy of Indre François Jolivet. He wrote a letter to Helen Guerrero d’Encas, the permanent secretary of the French Academy, asking for her opinion on the attempt, which she described as “very unfortunate”. About a discussion on this matter.

In this endeavor of the selected Indrois dictionary he finds the stigma of entering into our language the so-called “inclusive” writing, which is undoubtedly the forerunner of the advent of the ‘awakened’ ideology. (A concept with misinterpretations that tends to interfere in the political debate, ed.), Destroyer of our values ​​”.

François Jolivet condemns “an open ideological intrusion” which “results in a dirty language”.

“We found this word gaining speed, and we integrated it,” he explained Figaro Marie-Hélène Drivaud, dictionary author Robert. According to the diary, after a probationary period, the nickname 2022 paper version can be consolidated.

Fran Uois Jolivet, a former UMP activist and later a Republican, has already explained the issue since the beginning of his decree. Filed a bill last February Aims to “prohibit the use of inclusive writing to legal persons in charge of public service.”

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Empty hostility to inclusive writing

The feud he shares with Jean-Michel Blanker, the enmity over the writing that encompasses it is no mystery. Already last May, he issued a circular aimed at eliminating “especially so-called focal point-based writing” within national education.

In October, it was President Les Républicains d’Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Laurent Wauquiez who decided to ban this writing from regional documents.

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