Why would Walmart not participate in this good ending?

  • Walmart and other stores will not be participating in the next edition of Good End, which will start very soon.
  • Facing a good result this year, it is expected to earn more revenue than last year designed by the acute period of the epidemic.
  • El Peon Finn will take place from November 11th to 17th.

The next edition of Bhuven Finn will not have room for Walmart and other stores, which are very close to launching in 2021 with green lights in various parts of the country.

In practice, everything is ready for the start of the good end of this year; Stores have already begun to stockpile their products, and most importantly, consumers are more willing to spend.

Compared to what happened last year, this 2021 has a slightly different festive atmosphere, probably with better expectations for the future, in Mexico, despite the fact that the situation with epidemics is completely controlled and infections are advancing every day.

So, within this framework, the long-awaited good result will happen next November, despite a favorable situation due to the advent of the Govt-19 vaccine; However, it should be noted that there will be significant drawbacks.

Why isn’t Walmart there?

As we mentioned earlier, Walmart and other stores will not be part of the Good End 2021 list, i.e. Oxo, Roulette, Starbucks and others.

What is it about? In their absence these chains no longer belong to the National Self-Service and Department Stores (ANTAD), which is one of the organizers of the event.

Walmart exited ANTAD in 2019, making it the largest retail chain in the country. Moving away from ANTAD, the company has created “El Fin Irresistible”, its own discount location for all its customers, this year, lasting 12 days and starting in November.

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Oxho, on the other hand, which owns Femza, withdrew from Anto, counting 19,655 stores in Mexico in April this year.

Like these two, companies that do not participate in the Good End will undoubtedly leave an important mark among consumers, especially when they are ready to spend, in some way, start shopping. Year.

Taking into account what happened last year, after the epidemic and its irreversible imprisonment, people were forced not to leave their homes to avoid epidemics and, most likely, more deaths due to Govt-19.

Good end 2020 data

However, this is not a barrier to not generating big sales figures. According to Gander data, during the good end of 2020, revenue was $ 141.6 billion, 20 percent higher than in 2019, generating $ 118 billion in sales.

Similarly, it was revealed that 31 percent of the Mexican population made purchases through their savings; 24 percent used debt; The rest of the people took their immediate resources to make their purchases during the sales period.

Despite the epidemic, the 2020 numbers were higher than 2019, which is why, with more relaxed preventive measures for 2021, greater consumer participation is still expected.

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