Despite the many rumors silent Hill Games in development, we haven’t received an official announcement yet. But that doesn’t prevent a potential paraphrase from being a popular topic of conversation. In an interview with VGC, silent Hill Director Keiichiro Toyama said that if a new game is released in the future, he’ll be “very interested in it,” especially in seeing what direction the franchise is headed. Meanwhile, newly announced slitterhead It is Toyama’s latest innovation but has not yet gone into full production.

One of the things about a file silent Hill A game that might interest Toyama would be “Finding out what the new entry will leave and change from the original”. It is said that there are several silent Hill Games in development now that Konami has outsourced the franchise to “different external development studios”. One of them is supposed to be a “lead Japanese developer”, while the Bloober team confirmed that they’re working with Konami on a terrifying IP. the silent Hill games, plus new iterations of Castlevania And hard lime metal The concessions are expected to be revealed during 2022.

Toyama also explained how difficult it would be to remake the original silent Hill The game and meet fan expectations, something that Capcom has largely been able to achieve with vampire (biohazard) remakes:

I think it would be difficult to remake it from Biohazard, because the gameplay as a concept is a bit older. It is not an action game where you can only improve the movement as in Biohazard, to raise Silent Hill to current standards or to improve the graphics, fans will not be satisfied. That wasn’t what he was about – how beautiful it was. I think you’ll have to rethink the concept to make it fun for fans.

Unlike in the movies, the games are difficult to enjoy as in the original case – obviously because of the platform, but over time the game mechanics especially in usability lack rationality and sophistication. Visually, it’s clearly not made for modern equipment, so I have absolutely no objection to modifying an original core to fit the modern era we live in today.

Meanwhile, Toyama’s new Bokeh Game Studio is developing an action-adventure game called slitterhead. The game was announced at The Game Awards with a trailer, but aside from the fact that it depicts humans transforming into terrifying skeletal monsters that can easily tear apart other humans, very little is known about it. While an increase in production was scheduled for this year, it appears that did not happen. Toyama confirmed that they have completed the prototyping phase and that they will now “use our knowledge gained from the feedback to enter full production.” Hope next year brings more news for both slitterhead And what is possible? silent Hill titles.

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[Source: Video Games Chronicle]


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