Leonardo DiCaprio interrogated by the FBI, dangerous friendship with fraudster Jho Low (disappeared with 4.5 billion)

In 2018, Leonardo DiCaprio ended up in the crosshairs of the FBI. The facts go back a few years ago, when the producers and financiers of the film The Wolf of Wall Street They ended up at the center of an international scandal, but it is only now revealed. The famous actor has been questioned by the feds due to his alleged relationship with the Malaysian businessman Goh Lo, is currently in demand all over the world. Low is accused of disappearance $4.5 billion From a Malaysian investment fund obtained through the company’s system Navy. Part of that money will also end up producing The Wolf of Wall Street which, among other things, sees the protagonist as a con man, played by DiCaprio. The two had met for the first time in 2010 at a nightclub. In Agents Reconstruction, the actor was shown to have called Low as “my man»My man, and vice versa, there were also different nicknames for DiCaprio. But not only.

DiCaprio’s Fugitive Gifts and Defense

The con artist gave the actor important gifts. And the FBI asked DiCaprio to return these gifts, including Marlon Brando’s Oscars 600 thousand Dollars and the first edition of D The great Gatsby. According to reports from Corriere della Serathe two also modeled some a job together, including the bottom of $1 billion For some movies, an amusement park Warner Bros in Asia with tours based on DiCaprio films and an eco-resort in Belize. How did DiCaprio respond to the FBI in the face of all this? At the time, his managers did a background check on Lu and made sure he was an okay person. A year later, in 2019, he was arrested Dear Rezathe manufacturer of The Wolf of Wall Streetcharged with embezzlement before being released on bail. But not only DiCaprio. In the FBI crosshairs there were also more Kim kardashianagain for relations with the fugitive Malaysian, and the many gifts received or promised to Lu.

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