Limited attacks and conquests in Sweden and Finland.  Now Vladimir Putin wants more from Ukraine - time

Operation beyond the borders of Ukraine and Donbass. As reported in the Official Gazette, Vladimir Putin is considering a plan to prevent the entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO, and is preparing an exciting strategy. The terms of the NATO accession procedure are not very short and Russia can take advantage of this situation to launch one or more limited attacks with the aim of seizing small parts of the territory. What happened in 2008 in Georgia, in which there was talk of an alleged accession to NATO, will be repeated.

In the event of an attack by Moscow, the procedures for the accession of Finland and Sweden will be automatically frozen. “Indeed, the implicit rule in the coalition is that a state engaged in an armed conflict is not permitted, in order to prevent the provisions of Article 5 of the Collective Defense Duty Treaty. A rule that has kept Ukraine’s application for membership dormant for many years,” the paper states, which then mentions the number of troops that have been deployed on the border with the Finnish nation.

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