Livia Brito

Undoubtedly, one of the most famous actresses in Cuban soap operas today. Livia Brito. And it is that a graduate of the Center for Technical Education (CEA) at Televisa, he became one of the figures who aroused the most passions in the Mexican public. however, Her scandals caused her to lose popularity and evidence of this is the reaction of netizens after seeing a photo of her being admitted to the hospital.

Through her stories on her Instagram account, the Al Jazeera citizen posted a picture of her lying on a hospital bed with a catheter inside her arm. I just wrote “And so my last night until 5:30 in the morning. I got sick, kids.” Livia, who is currently participating as the heroine in the new TV series “Nobody’s Woman”, a version of “I love you is my sin”, turned on the red lights for her fans after its publication.

Although it does not seem to be anything serious, Being in the hospital always without a doubt creates panic among his followers, as well as with the team he works with. But, despite how bad her condition, according to her description, it seems that the young actress and businesswoman has managed to settle his followers are calmer.

Although she used her networks to publicize her health issue, she didn’t focus too much on what prompted her to seek help at the hospital. It should be noted that this may be the stress of the series, as the premiere doesn’t take long and teasers were introduced when she was on tapings.

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Under this condition, Livia Brito will once again rejoin the cast of Nobody’s Woman, a project that will be shown once the second season of The Last King, the unauthorized biopic series by Vicente Fernandez, is over.

We must remember that The 35-year-old Brito is gaining more followers every day on social networks especially Instagram where he has 7 million followers, A constantly growing number, which indicates that it is one of the preferred elements for showing business in Mexico and Latin America.

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