LoL: Riot is going on vacation, how does that affect the players?

LoL: Riot is going on vacation, how does that affect the players?



For the third year in a row, Riot Games will be taking a week off to celebrate the summer holidays. All developers, except for those working in vital departments, will be at rest, bringing changes from the studio’s usual schedule.

Like all workers around the world, Riot Games employees are also on vacation, and the company held a public holiday this week. Since last Friday, the vast majority of developers have been absent and won’t be back until July 11. At least, all of them except for those who work in the departments necessary for the smooth running of studio games. Employees in the direct operations or anti-fraud department will need to arrange breaks to keep everything running smoothly.

How does this gap affect League of Legends?

League of Legends and other video games from Riot Games will not receive updates, but they will continue to operate as normal. In the case of MOBA, the situation is a little more specific. With the game emerging from one of the biggest changes in its history thanks to a durability update, Riot Games has prepared a special patch called 12.12b – an update that provided urgent balancing. The next major update will arrive with Update 12.13 – scheduled for Wednesday, July 13th according to Riot’s official schedule.

back from vacation, Developers should prepare for a period rich in novelties. In addition to the arrival of the Nilah and Star Guardians event, League of Legends should welcome the renewal of Udyr and potentially big changes in Gangplank. Also, the competitive season is approaching the end of its summer term and this always keeps the developers in a rush to equip the game with all the changes you need for major league matches like LEC or Worlds.

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Ultimately, players shouldn’t notice the developers’ absence during their week off. If there are major issues hindering your gaming experience – and this applies to all of the company’s titles – there will be enough staff to fix them.. It is true that the upcoming updates will be a little delayed, but it is best if all the staff are well rested so that they can give the players the best possible experience when they return.

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