León avanza a cuartos de final de la Concachampions (Imago7)

Lyon managed to win at home 1-0 (3-1) over Guastatoya with a goal by Elias Hernandez in the 11th minute.Now, Team Emerald is waiting to see who their opponent will be in the next stage. In addition to the fact that you will have to change the chip, well On Friday they will have to travel to Aguascalientes to face Necaxa.

The Lyon team had the opportunity to take the lead in the first half, because early in the match they scored the goal that gave confidence and motivation to those led by Ariel Houlan. In the 11th minute, Elias Hernandez put the score in favor of the home team.

Some of the surprises Houlan brought to this game were the ownership of Fidel Impres, Gary Kagelmacher and the debut of Oscar Villa.

for this part, Guastatoya tried to reach Rodolfo Cota’s goal, but the chances were few. Louis Angel Landin tried to find the goal that would give hope to yellow breasts, but the plays could not achieve it.

Fede Martinez came close to Adrián De Lemos, who struggled to keep the game calm and stopped some of Verdiblanco’s shots in his area. Halfway through the first half, there were a few minutes where the ball remained in the center of the field.

In the final minutes of the first half, under the rhythm of the two teams’ match, Guastatoya’s team, led by Mario Acevedo, looked tired at times.

When it was the second half, Guastatoya came out excited, and they were the first to reach the goal exhibitionIt was left only as a dangerous game by Leon. On the other hand, Uruguayan player Fede Martinez was looking for his target but inside it In the second half, it was impossible for him to score his first goal with Lyon.

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Ariel Holan moved his piece until the 56th minute, having taken out Columbato and Elias so that Luis Montes and Victor Davila could enter instead. Immediately these two players looked for an opportunity to get close to the yellow box’s goal.

Mario Acevedo was confident in the team he had and it wasn’t until the 75th minute that he made his first changes. Without a doubt, Guastatoya who burdened the stadium, since then At some moments many of their players were seen tiredHowever, they did not stop fighting balls in search of a miracle and the ability to score against the home team.

Despite the fact that Lyon came with a two-goal advantage, Ariel Holan sent eleven starters onto the field that surprised the fans.

Now set Exhibition He’s got his pass to the semi-finals, and he’s still just waiting for who will be his opponent. Meanwhile, Esmeraldas will have to change the slide and focus on their Friday Guardians League 2022 game, where they face Necaxa.



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