Marc Anthony. Éstos son sus lujosos autos / (Instagram)

It is no secret that Marc Anthony is one Most Influential And Successful Artists In the world of music. What seems to be one, is the luxurious life that Puerto Rican American leads and it is that life His biggest passion is collecting cars.

Yes good The Caribbean star I know You find Celebrating 53 years, She is careful about her private life and doesn’t give much to talk about, as many artists usually do, she has a parking garage with fancy and fancy cars. Since his fortune he owns about 80 million dollars.

Salcero has shown on various occasions his inclination for him Buy these beautiful carsHe has some very limited and exclusive editions and a few other rarities. Here we show you what gems Marc Anthony drives through the streets of New York.

Aston Martin DB7

The most important piece From his collection is DB7 From the famous company Aston Martin. It is noteworthy that less than 200 units of this component.

Lotus Elise

These sports cars made in the UK, They are one of the star’s dearest of the sauce. This two-seater car has worth 285 million pesos.

More space? no problem

In addition to the acquisition of luxury cars, Marc Anthony felt the need for more space in the car, which is why he called Alex Vega, a businessman dedicated to Customize cars to remodel one of your Mercedes

What other luxuries does Marc Anthony have?

Being one of the highest paid musicians on the continent, I got a luxurious 12-bedroom mansion a few years ago, 15 bathrooms, three kitchens, and an elevator that the artist bought last year in Florida, which, according to Forbes, has Worth $27 million.

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in 2019, His yacht caught fire. The luxury carriage had five cabins, accommodating 12 people Amenities such as a high-class boat with satellite TV, Wi-Fi, a large Jacuzzi and the ability to carry several jet-skis while waiting.

in 2020For your stay in Miami, I decided to get a complete art collection by the famous French painter Florian Emmanfor a modest sum of $150,000.



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