Mask singer: Pierre Palmade is not disguised, netizens are frustrated

In the third episode of the program singer maskA new character has been revealed: the astronaut character. Internet users, who are highly interactive on networks, reacted without any surprise when they found out about comedian Pierre Palmade.

This Friday, April 15, 2022, in the new episode of singer maskA new identity has been revealed. After what happened with Tigress and the Ladybug last week, this time it’s the astronaut’s turn to reveal his true identity. Among the clues to try to discover his identity, we can find this evening: At a very young age, I met the band that would change my life. The one with whom I would write a part of my career or more, friends for life! When I hear that people have known sentences that are sometimes written by heart for years, it fills me with joy. Tonight, I’m going to do what I do best: get on stage.”

For its part, the show jury, Composed by Kev Adams, Alessandra Sublette, Angon and GaryHe was convinced of one thing: The astronaut was the humorist Pierre Palmade, He can be recognized by his atypical voice. After being eliminated from the Banana game, the astronaut had to reveal his identity. And the surprise is great!

The identity of the astronaut was revealed and netizens were disappointed

Under the eyes and pressures of the jury and spectators, The astronaut figure finally revealed his identity. Finally, the detectives were on the right track from the start, as it was about Pierre Balmed. Director, actor and humorist, he signed many sketches that became cults. “I had a blast. (…) I just wish we didn’t stay in this sentence ‘He lost to a pig'”He told the jury, laughing. During the first broadcast, only Camille Compal and Gary discovered his identity, which is noted in the golden envelopes as a first instinct.

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Netizens, who are very interactive on social networks, did not miss a second To respond and show their disappointment. We can read on Twitter: “No surprise!! Her voice is so clear”or “He’s really funny fronds… for guys, go check out his sketches”. In the second part of the evening, one of the cast members will reveal his identity! Prepare to be surprised singer mask.


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