Massive Spotify outage caused audio streaming to be interrupted
  • The spokeswoman confirmed that the company is in contact with publishers who may be affected.

  • The music streaming platform didn’t tell why you let Megaphone’s security certificate expire.

  • The service came back online just before 6am and wasn’t fully resolved until 0945.

Digital platforms may be hardest hit if they log a massive crash in their systems, as in the case of Spotify where its users struggled for nearly eight hours without being able to listen to their favorite audio files, due to That the network was down with the Megaphone server during the night of Monday, May 30 and the early hours of this Tuesday, May 31.

According to data from Statista, it took some time for Spotify to boot. By the time he turned five in 2013, the streaming pioneer had around 30 million active users and eight million premium subscribers. Since then, the figures for monthly active users (MAU) and Spotify Premium subscribers has continued to grow steadily, reaching 365 and 165 million, respectively, in June 2021.

Spotify’s massive failure

According to reports provided by Erin Styles, a spokesperson for Spotify, the failures were due to the fact that the company did not renew Megaphone’s security certificate, Which caused consumers to not be able to enjoy the contents stored in said space.

“Magaphone experienced a platform outage due to an issue with our SSL certificate (…) During the outage, customers were unable to download podcast episodes from stored publishers,” the brand spokesperson said.

Likewise, Styles has confirmed that the issue has now been restored and that the episodes are fully available. For fans who access it through the Music app.

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In the same order, the spokeswoman confirmed that the company is in contact with publishers who could be affected.

After the remarks were made, the music streaming platform did not advise why it had let Megaphone’s security certificate expire, as well as why it had taken so long. Long time to fix, since it expired at 8:00 PM (Pacific Time), according to data found by Podnews.

The media states that the problem was only resolved after eight hours, based on the information provided on the official server page.

They explained that the service was back online just before 06:00 AM, and it wasn’t until 09:45 AM when the company reported that the issue was completely resolved.

The importance of the server

Experts emphasize that the importance of the storage server is great for podcast episodes, since its goal is to insert dynamic advertisements into the different chapters that the channels have dedicated to this transformation of multimedia content.

In addition, it has the advantage that the user, the content creator, can access a set of tools to create high-quality content, as well as measure its impact and learn how to monetize their software.

This company not only works with this application, but also cooperates with it Apple Podcast and Google Podcast.

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