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The employees of the San Claude Foundry (Jura) are furious. They’ve been fighting for weeks to avoid shutting down their factory, and to keep several hundred jobs.

Staff of the Saint-Claude Foundry (Jura) has been fighting for weeks to avoid shutting down their factory. They are campaigning to keep several hundred jobs. I managed to discuss for a few hours with MBF Aluminum staffJournalist Quentin Carrodel explains, live from Saint-Claude on 19/20 from France 3, Friday May 21. I can tell you they’re pissed off and tired, but they’re really bent on getting over it. In fact, the proof is here because they have installed all the gas cylinders and petrol cans in the factory.. “Employees say they are ready to blow everything up if, on May 25th, at Dijon Commercial Court)Cote d’Or), And judicial liquidation was announced.

Another delegation also attended in Nevers to challenge Emmanuel Macron, President of the Republic. “Apparently, they would have met one of his advisers, at least here in front of the factory. Since March 31, the strike has continued. If the liquidation was announced on Tuesday 25, about 300 people would find themselves unemployed.“, The journalist concludes.

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