Michael Wendler and Laura: Now they announce good news - folks

Baby Alarm in Wendler’s House!

For several months it was quiet around Michael Wedler, 48, and Laura Muller, 20. Now the young pop singer’s wife is finally back on Instagram with a photo from Cape Coral showing a cute baby dog.

Looks like the couple just became parents to a small Labrador puppy. Laura writes: “Welcome to our new puppy the Tiger.”

The Wendler family is growing! Laura and Michael brought pet offspring homePhoto: Logan Fazio

Apparently, Wendler’s daughter Adeline also managed to identify the offspring of the animal, commenting on the photo: “Her beauty makes me speechless,” to which Laura replied, “And he loves you very much.”

Other comments below the photo are not allowed, because Laura stopped this post on her Instagram account several months ago. The hustle and bustle around her husband was clearly too much for her, who had repeatedly made a name for himself with blunt conspiracy theories and a disgusting comparison of concentration camps.

Five months of radio silence

For five whole months, Laura kept her fans in doubt. There was a low tide of posts on Instagram! The last post, a fancy selfie with a cowboy hat, was from February 27. This silence was filled by comedian Oliver Bucher (43).

Suspect: “Either they collapsed and are in really good shape – or they came home, the motorbike is gone, and everything is gone. Maybe she is in Germany even and we did not notice it.”

BILD already mentioned thereThat there is nothing to these rumors. An insider: “Laura is still on Michael’s side and there are no plans to change that.”

Apart from Instagram & Co. The pair should continue to collaborate – and they have now expanded the Wendler young family.

It remains to be seen if Laura will appear more often with her fans from now on. They can definitely expect a lot of dog content…

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