Jade Hallyday tattooed to the neck: she's sinking at 17!

A drastic change in the atmosphere and climate of Leticia Hallyday, her two daughters Smell (17) and Joey (13), buddy Jalil Lispert and Aleucha, the 13-year-old son of the actor and director with actress Pranger Allo. Everyone left Los Angeles for a few days for New York.

She was invited to participate in a grand party organized by the CEO of Ladurée USA, Elizabeth Holder, who is the mother of two “monsters” as the businesswoman herself says in her Instagram bio – her twins Joseph and Nathaniel – Leticia Halliday and Jalil Lispert and the children have left the sweetness of the City of Angels To immerse themselves in the snowstorm currently raging in New York.

This trip is a chance for Jade Hallyday to find one of her best friends who lives in New York, Nina, Kalogero’s 17-year-old daughter and ex-wife. Hortense Detective, who has been married to the singer for seven years. Very active on social networks, Nina shared several photos of her reunion with Jade Hallyday. Itam cabaret specially accompanied her to the tattoo artist. And yes, at 17, Jade decided to get a tattoo, not just anywhere, on her neck. The daughter of Leticia and Johnny Hallyday chose three wonderful engravings in Asian calligraphy (see our slideshow). Undoubtedly a connection to her Vietnamese origins, she was adopted in this country by her parents in November 2004 and her little sister Joy in December 2008. A passion for tattoos, a true family story! Johnny Hallyday had a great set and Leticia Hallyday also had many engravings and drawings all over the body.

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Bravant le froid et la tempête de neige qui s’est abattue sur New York, Laeticia Hallyday, Jalil Lespert et les enfants se sont rendus à la bat-mitzvah de Joseph et Nathaniel, qui marque l’accession des garçons, live à la majorit 13 years. Leticia Hallyday posted several photos of this evening on her Instagram story. Early in the day, I went to Moma to discover different works by Pablo Picasso or Henri Matisse. The day before, fashion was in the spotlight by visiting the exhibition Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams which moved to the Brooklyn Museum in New York.


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