Nations League: Germany disappointed against Hungary
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Next 1-1 – Germany disappointed against Hungary

Hungary - Germany

Joshua Kimmich had every reason to be dissatisfied. The national team in Hungary was disappointed

The: dpa / Federico Gambarini

The German national team did not win a third game in the Nations League. In Hungary the Hansi Flick team could not cross the draw as they showed poor play. This is the fourth in a row.

D.The hat is not enough for title dreams! The national football team stunned fans 1-1 for the fourth time in a row and failed to meet national coach Hansie Flick’s World Cup expectations once again against Hungary. Jonas Hoffmann (9th minute) blocked the first defeat of the twelfth international under Flick, a big ray of hope through his quick draw, but did not want to win the first in the Nations League after the draw against Italy and England on Saturday. Evening in Budapest.

Zsolt Nagy (6th) used the initial disorder in a somewhat confused German defense that would not have been consistent and orderly without retired defense chief Antonio Rüdiger. In the third international match in less than a week, the DFP selection without Thomas Mல்லller came only last, just below the 100 per cent commitment required for Flick.

Hungary - Germany

Guy Howards (M) won the header fight against Attila Fiola

The: dpa / Federico Gambarini

On the way to the World Cup in Qatar, Flick thought he was on the right track before being kicked off. But there is still a lot of work to be done. In the Nations League, halfway through the group stage, Germany are three points closer to elimination than the final.

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Hoffman faced an early goal

While European champions Italy are in Montserrat for the last game before the long-awaited summer break, there is a chance for a correction on Tuesday. Central defender Nico Schlotterbeck, who was suspended after the second yellow card, will be absent later.

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As soon as the game picked up speed, Flick had to doubt his verdict on the “good way”. Hungary’s Willie Orban’s long ball smashed four fours behind Germany. David Rum allowed Attila Fiola to cross, while Schlotterbeck was far behind when Roland Salloy hit the ball with his head. Although Manuel Neuer was able to combine with a reflex, Nagy chased the ball under the crossbar in a follow-up shot.

Hungary - Germany

It was only after the draw that the national team was able to celebrate

The: dpa / Federico Gambarini

After being able to hold a clean sheet against the Netherlands, Italy and England recently, Flick actually banned these defensive dropouts. After all, just as the League of Nations began in Italy, his supporters showed an immediate reaction within three minutes. Schlotterbeck’s long pass reached Hoffman, who started well, and Hungary’s keeper Peter Kulasi miscalculated the run out. The Coldback player pushed the ball into the empty goal to equalize.

Germany will suffer in self-defense

Hoffman had already scored the German goal against the English. In Italy, the 29-year-old said he was preparing for the draw. Hoffman has been one of the winners in the search for a World Cup squad for Qatar so far this Nations League summer.

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But the quick response did not provide security for the guests. Flick gestured enthusiastically to the side and was very upset by his team’s performance. The Germans had more of the ball, but had no control over the game. Defensively, the DFB selection seemed to be the most vulnerable against the rapidly changing Hungary. After all, the Hofenheim area, which is said to have been run by Borussia Dortmund, was once again in trouble on the left.

Like the shaky 2: 2 in last year’s European Championship team match, the hosts were the most embarrassing opponents. But this is also due to the fact that Flick’s specifications for commitment and attack have not been implemented. There was even more reason for the national coach to be angry when Schlotterbeck got a yellow card suspension for a bad pass from Niklas Süle.

Chances are slim like the birthday boy Guy Howards (18th) hit the header and the shot that hit the post last row (40th). In the dressing room (44th) Fiola had to defend the Neuer draw against direct acceptance.

It did not come out better after changing the pages. The German team increased the tempo only for a short time, but soon the Hungarians were reorganized in their small defense. At game forward, the DFB team had no ideas and no agility. After a lot of inactivity, Hoffman suddenly appeared free in front of Kulasi, but his boss did not reach Timo Werner (72 ‘).

With the replacements of Ilkay Gündogan, Müller and Julian Brandt, Flick wanted to give inspiration again. However, Hungary had the best chance to score the winning goal. Neuer deflected a long range shot by Daniel Costak (81 ‘). Even in the last few minutes, the German team could do nothing.

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