It’s pretty much certain that Apple is working on its own virtual and augmented reality hardware. Pointers to possible Cupertino e-glasses have been circulating online for years – but so far there have been only rumors. The manufacturer himself is strictly silent on this subject. Now, however, an early revelation could be imminent. like the site According to the report, skilled netizens have discovered a useful trademark rights application at the US Patent Office.
Accordingly, on December 8, 2021, a company called Realityo Systems LLC secured the rights to the RealityOS name. This seems unremarkable at first, but a closer look reveals some details in this entry. The term RealityOS first appeared online in February 2022 after technicians discovered it in the source code of the Apple App Store and speculated that it could be a new operating system for VR and AR devices.

Apple secures RealityOS incognito mode

In fact, the trademark application that has now appeared allows Realityo Systems LLC to use the designation in relation to peripherals, software and laptops. So it fit! But who are Realityo Systems? According to, there is some evidence that this is a front company that Apple uses to unobtrusively secure trademark rights. This is standard iPhone manufacturer practice. Among other things, Apple acquired the rights to trademark the term Monterey under the name Yosemite Research LLC — days before the company presented the macOS version of the same name at the WWDC Developer Conference.

According to the report, Yosemite Research LLC and Realityo Systems LLC are registered at the same address and may be assigned to the company’s Trust Corporation status. She handles trademark affairs for Apple. So it seems almost certain that Apple recently acquired the RealityOS brand — and not just in the US. According to the report, there are also identical applications in Uganda, Uruguay and Brazil. So some of them are fitted with a logo that uses Apple’s typical “San Francisco” font.

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Revealed at WWDC 2022?

Last but not least, the US trademark application includes June 8, 2022 as the deadline for international trademark registration – two days after the Apple WWDC Developer Conference, which will take place on June 6, 2022. Thus, the event will provide the perfect setting for introducing RealityOS and thus also possible augmented reality glasses. Business Magazine Bloomberg It was only reported in mid-May 2022 that Apple introduced the new AR headset to board members. So it stays exciting!


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