New travel trend for Italians

Traveling is a way to discover new corners of the world, cultures and foods completely different from our own, and amazing beauty that we never dreamed of. But it's also a way of doing so open mind: What is better than being left alone or in the company of unknown people to live a different and much deeper experience? More and more Italians decide to take this type of holiday, motivated by this Desire to try something new Enjoy the journey without worrying about meeting other people's needs other than your own.

Travel is a priority for Italians

After the pandemic, travel has become a priority again for many Italians. According to a studyFuture Travel Behavior ObservatoryAs many as 9 out of 10 (96%) intend to take at least one trip during 2024 – and many will leave during the summer. But the real surprise is a new trend that has literally become popular in Italy as well: it is “solo travel”, which consists of leaving alone to experience an adventure. to'Hilton Travel Trends 2024 Report Thousands of Italians were interviewed, and 6 out of 10 said they would be willing to travel alone.

New travel direction

The trend of “solo travel” is now a real habit for Italians as well. Confirmation also comes from the web: a BBC analysis revealed that Search key “individual trips” It has doubled in the last 12 months, compared to 2018. On social media, this is a trend that has no rival. Suffice it to say that the hashtag #solotravel has increased tenfold on TikTok in the past three years, while on Instagram there are more than 7.9 million posts that include it in the description. Why choose this travel mode? Many people go it alone, because once they dispelled what had been a real taboo for a long time, they were discovered Have fun following your own tunes And indulge only your own desires.

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Then there is another travel trend that is becoming increasingly popular in Italy as well. It's about A vacation in the company of perfect strangers: According to analysis conducted by WeRoad, in partnership with Skipper, there are many reasons why you should have a good time with people you have never met before. 50% of travelers do so out of a desire for total freedom, while 37% are driven by a spirit of adventure and discovery and 31% are driven by an interest in local cuisine. What is the identity of a tourist who prefers to go out with strangers? These are young professionals-Age between 25 and 49 yearswithout a partner, with a demanding job that prevents them from having time to develop friendships.

In fact, traveling can be in the company of unknown people Many advantages. Research conducted by the Center for the Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries (CBI) reveals these things to us: The majority of tourists choose to travel with strangers to meet new adventure companions (80% of those interviewed). Instead, 56% said they do it because that way there is potential Reach extraordinary destinationsWhile 46% said they did not like having to organize their own vacation and preferred to leave in peace. Finally, 38% chose to share travel so as not to feel restricted by language barriers.


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