Nier's live broadcast confirms Nier Replicant's

Nier Replicant Version 1.22474487139 is ostensibly a remake of the 2010 JRPG, but Western fans are right to get a little confused. Basically, there were two versions of Nier in Japan: Gestalt, the version that made the West, Nier featured the elder and strongest with a daughter named Yonah. Replicant, which stayed in Japan, featured on the younger and leaner Nier with the sister His name is Yona.

In any case, this intense course is vaguely important, because it was confirmed overnight that if you wanted to play the older and heavier Nier in the upcoming Replicant, you can. The news comes via a lengthy marketing live broadcast conducted in the Japanese language, which also confirmed that there will be a host of other “bonus content” that will be coming to the game at launch.


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