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Giovanni Salusti

It is true that Taliban 5.0 is very different from its primitive and fundamentalist predecessors. For them, violent re-education of infidels is an extreme proportion, a limited tool, the last possibility. They are advanced people, what the heck. Hear from spokesperson (social media director will make it official too) Zabihullah Mujahid, interviewed by The New York Times as befits any enlightened interviewer from the Western liberal elite: “Music is forbidden in Islam, but we hope we will be able to persuade people to surrender without having to practice the pressure “.

Roots in the Qur’an
It is not the fault of Zabih Allah and his bearded companions (some of whom devote themselves to searching for dissidents, women and all those who do not belong to the Taliban from house to house, there should be no consensus in the group on the concept of “persuasion”), that “music is forbidden in Islam.” He does not really want to turn off the sound and shake the stick, but Islam demands it, and every civil society, as it is known, is based on the literal application of Sharia. Hadith Qudsi 19:5 said: “The Prophet said that God commanded him to destroy all musical instruments, idols, crosses and all other flags of ignorance.” The hadiths are actions and sayings from the life of Muhammad, and in their entirety they constitute the Sunnah, the second source of Islamic law after the Qur’an. There is nothing to be done, though we can declare ourselves milder than Mariano Romore and get used to discussing breakfast with the CIA director, we cannot detract.

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There is only hope in common sense for Afghans, in their reasonableness and ability to “persuade them to surrender”, of voluntary self-submission before it comes to “having to apply pressure”, a very disturbing prospect for Zabih Allah and his Shariah friends. Come, just obey the dictates and no one will get hurt: a ban on playing an instrument, a ban on listening to music and songs of any kind, except for one. Which accompanies the muezzin’s prayer the sacred hymn. For the rest, music is treacherous by definition, it is no coincidence that the aforementioned hadith unites “machines” with “idols”, “crosses” and other “flags of ignorance”, or rather lack of belief in God. Theocracy is also the theocracy of sounds, remember that, we hate to renew your memory with flogging, as it was years ago in the regions of the country that were already under the control of the Qur’anic masters.

Of course, we do not see such good entities as the Afghan National Conservatory of Music, which was founded in 2010 and at the same time became a distinction that saved children and youth from poverty and tribal hatred. His goals included: reviving local musical traditions, empowering girls, and promoting gender equality. All the things that the new Muslim fighters want to persuade them to throw away without applying pressure, will not be in their style. However, the institute’s director Ahmed Sarmast and the first Afghan orchestra conductor, 24-year-old Najin Khpalwak, did not trust the aforementioned technique and escaped from the Taliban’s renewed paradise. Which, we imagine, besides elegance in songs, will re-propose other habits of the house, always with moderation and polite invitations to let go.

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Among the most stupid taboos imposed by Islamic lawmakers during their rule in Afghanistan: shaving your beard, cutting your hair “in the West” (while shaving armpit and thigh hair is mandatory), using a computer, watching TV, and using a mobile phone for any purpose, it is clear that He drinks alcohol, plays chess, organizes football matches. Then there is the fictitious women’s chapter, which in addition to the imposition of the burqa stipulates, among other things, the prohibition of cosmetics and jewellery, the use of annoying shoes (heel noise became a crime in July 1997) and even that of laughter in public. On the other hand, it is unlikely that in the (paraphrased) state modeled on Islamic law there are many occasions for fun, given how Zabih Allah’s accomplices used to “convince” comedians to part with jokes: kidnapping, torturing, and ultimately slaughtering. And he left the corpses in the street, as happened in the last days of the famous Kheze Zwan. In fact, they found themselves in this situation forced to “exercise pressure”. But we are sure that they will do so reluctantly.


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