On Mars, the Perseverance rover makes a unique discovery: NASA

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)NASA, for short in English), a discovery through a series of unpublished photos taken by the robot determination At first glance, it appears to be just another crater Mars, but they are actually deposits of graphite and minerals.

The discovery was made by the robot determination He was photographing a surface MarsDuring the tour, he scratched a little off the surface of the Red Planet and made one of the most interesting discoveries in recent weeks.

In addition to the photos shared via the official account of the bot, the NASA She has posted material from the entire process the Mars explorer followed to make this discovery, his voyage, and how to clear the surface to find the sediment.

How does NASA send robots to Mars?

Current technology allows humanity to continue the search for life on other planets. Thanks to this NASA Bots can be sent to explore other locations within

Solar System
, As is Mars.

The hard thing is not to send machines into space, the hard thing is to get them to their destination. In the case of the bot responsible for the latest discovery, the determination, survived a journey of 480 million kilometers away from our planet when it left it in July 2020.

In addition to the long flight, the robot withstood a complex descent through the atmosphere of Mars at a speed of 19,500 kilometers per hour.

Twitter: @NASAPersevere

Thanks to scans that bots love determination It has been discovered that where there are now frozen deserts, there was a climate hot enough to host the oceans in Mars.

For fans of the universe, an account

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Also share a link to watch

exclusive photos
of missions determination Next to the red planet, as well as satellite images of it.


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