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A week after he was found guilty of “parasitism,” the platform reached an agreement with M6. Group channels can now only be accessed through paid offers.

A week ago, the Paris court ordered the payment of Molotov cocktails 7 million euros for the M6 ​​group. accused of “parasitism” Based on “falsification”Now under the auspices of FuboTV, the French startup also had to stop broadcasting the group’s various channels. But it seems that the two sides have reached an agreement.

As a reminder, the two companies were bound by a contract authorizing the platform to broadcast M6 channels until March 31, 2018. Once the latter expires, Molotov must logically stop broadcasting. However, the company continued to offer the package to its users at no additional cost.

W9, M6, 6ter and Gulli are now charging

Since Friday, December 17, all unencrypted channels of the M6 ​​group can only be accessed with a paid subscription. Concretely, to be able to watch the programs offered by the group, you will have to subscribe to one of the offered formats, such as Molotov Plus for example (3.99 € per month). This gives access to all M6 replays and rewards as well as the cloud recording feature. Another version at € 9.99, called Molotov Extended, also allows you to enjoy M6 channels, as well as 107 TNT channels on 4 simultaneous screens.

TF1 can follow

Bouygues could also follow in the footsteps of M6 and ban broadcasting of its channels on Molotov. Capital Last week we learned that the group has also filed a lawsuit against the platform. And here again, the lack of an agreement since 2019 is at the heart of the controversy. Bouygues demands 5 million euros annually for the use of its channels, which the French platform categorically rejects.

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Thus, Molotov is largely in turmoil, giving access to free French channels from any region of the world, without any add-ons. Will the company be able to recover?


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