On the last night of 'Let's Dance': Thieves clear Mike Singer's house

On the last evening of “Let’s Dance”
Thieves demolish Mike Singer’s house

Everyone who turned on the television on Friday evening knows where Mike Singer was at that time: at the live conclusion of “Let’s Dance” in Cologne and not at home near Baden-Baden. Perhaps insolent thieves took advantage of this information and cleaned the singer’s house.

“Let’s Dance” celebrated the end of season 15 on Friday night with the grand finale in which Renee Caselli was finally chosen as the winner. Mike Singer also danced this year. The pop star left a few weeks ago at number seven alongside her dance partner Christina Luft. But at the end of the show he was of course part of the party again.

“Let’s Dance” is a live show. Thus, of course, everyone can count on three fingers that Singer will not be at home on the evening of the final, but in Cologne. Apparently, a few insolent thieves took advantage of this knowledge by entering the singer’s house near Baden-Baden during the night from Friday to Saturday.

Bild newspaper was the first to report on the robbery. The management of the 22-year-old did not confirm this fact to the newspaper. Singer also posted the “photo” article without a comment in Stories on his Instagram page, which may also be taken as confirmation.

€100,000 loot

According to information received from the newspaper, the perpetrators smashed a window in Singer’s house around 3:30 am, through which they entered the building. At this point, “Let’s Dance” was already over. But the singer was still in Cologne where he continued to celebrate after the show ended.

It is said that thieves made Singer’s fat booty. According to the newspaper “Bild”, they looted money and things worth about 100,000 euros, and ransacked all the rooms because of it. There are supposed to be a total of five perpetrators. They are said to have acted in a well-organized manner and already fled before the arrival of the police. The search for them has not been successful yet.

Singer is said to have moved into the house about a year ago. In social networks, he gave fans – and possibly thieves – intimate insights into his home. He is said to have found out that he was the victim of a crime that night while he was celebrating “Let’s Dance” in Cologne. Against the backdrop of this bad news, he has canceled his originally scheduled appearance on Sunday at “ZDF Fernsehgarten”.

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