He is one of the most influential voices on the radio. For nearly 30 years, Gerlinde Long rated FM4 for den Youth Cultural Radio Station of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation. Now the presenter has died after a long and severe illness.

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He began his career at ORF in his early twenties. There he was at the microphone for FM4, a youth cultural radio station. “Fashion, music, sports, art and more – he brought all his interests to FM4 and handled them with great enthusiasm and contagious enthusiasm,” the station’s condolence statement said.

Because Jerlinde Long died, the presenter died on December 28 at the age of 48. As FM4 further writes, he has been suffering from a serious illness for a long time. As can be seen on his Instagram profile, he was battling cancer. At 48, he has now lost that fight.

“Now one of the most notable FM4 voices has been silenced,” the website continues. Jerlin Lange hosted shows such as “Connected”, “Homebase” and “FM4 Charts” for the station. Above all, her happiness and her mischievous comments would have made the appraiser. “At Jerlinde Long we lost not only a colleague, but a special person with many wonderful memories. She will be gone.”

FM4 boss Monica Eigensberger also says goodbye: “Jerlinde came to FM4 in her early 20’s because it was her dream to be a radio presenter. It was already clear that she had not only one dream, but a lot of talent.” Her “innovative, unused” voice sounded “innovative” to the end. “I am just saddened that we will not hear that voice again.

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